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Champion Door Reviews

Fourth Champion Purchase

Your installers were here today to install my new Champion sliding glass door. They did the normal great Champion job! The test of satisfaction was completed when my wife came home and said how good it looked. Thank you for your assistance with what is our fourth purchase from Champion.
Russ Sears, Baltimore, MD

No More Cold Feet

My husband and I had two 8-foot sliding glass doors installed by Champion in our family room in December. This room was always the coolest room in the winter, especially on your feet and ankles. After the doors were installed we noticed a difference in the warmth of the room and there were no more cold feet or ankles. We are very pleased with our doors and glad of the choice we made.
Steve Stilts, Louisville, KY

Pleasure to Work With

I am writing you to thank you for the friendship that you have given me from the start of my project. You have been patient and helpful. I first bought a front door, then a back door, then storm doors for my house and rental property. This work was done in stages that were comfortable for me, and helped keep the project going. The installers were all a pleasure to work.
Florence Steely, Columbus, OH

Prompt Service

I’ve had my sliding glass door replaced and all the windows in my house replaced by Champion. I’m very pleased with the installation and the build quality of the windows and the door. I had a few minor issues, and they were promptly taken care of, and I was treated like a valued customer throughout the process. I’m very pleased with Champion and definitely recommend them.
Mary R, Windsor, CO

Everything is Wonderful

Pricing was reasonable, installation process, timing, and payment schedule was as agreed upon. Would definitely bring in Champion for any other windows/patio doors that need replacing.
Steve P, St. Louis, MO

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5 Signs That You Need a New Door

The seals around your door age just as the door itself does, and when they do, they can shrink and crack — giving the cold air outside an open invitation into your home. If it isn’t the cold that makes you shiver, your energy bills certainly do.
Visible Cracks in the Door Itself
Besides giving bugs and drafts a thoroughfare into your home, cracks can be a sign that the door is structurally weak, which can be a serious safety concern.
Moisture in the Window
Condensation build-up between the panes of glass in your door is more than an annoyance; if you’ve got a wood door, the moisture can lead to health concerns in the form of mold and mildew.
Hinges That Squeak
As door hinges wear down, the sound they make could very well be your door telling you “it’s time to replace me.” From both a functional and security point of view, squeaky hinges serve as a warning signal.
Scrapes on the Floor
When old doors warp and sag, they are not only difficult to open and shut properly, they can also cause damage to your floor as the bottom of the door scrapes across your floor’s surface.

Our products are covered by an unbeatable warranty — if it breaks, we’ll fix it! That’s how we guarantee you’re going to love your windows for a lifetime.

70 Years of Quality & Experience

With seven decades of experience and expertise, Champion Windows and Home Exteriors is one of the nation’s leading home improvement companies. Champion transforms homes with premium-quality products that are designed, built, installed, and guaranteed by Champion. Every product Champion offers – from new windows and sunrooms, to siding and entry doors – is built right here in the USA, backed by our industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty, and comes recommended by more than 9 out of 10 recent Champion customers.